Seeking Nominations for the DHNA Board

Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association elections to be held March 16, 2020.

To be eligible to vote, you must

  • Pay dues by the close of the February 24, 2020 meeting;
  • Attend the March 16, 2020 meeting.  Please note that proxy votes and absentee votes are not allowed.
  • Both meetings will be held at St. Paul United Methodist Church (508 Center St, San Antonio, TX 78202).  Meeting time: 6 – 7:30 PM.

The following board positions will be on the ballot: 
(To review position descriptions, scroll to end of this email.)

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Financial Secretary
  • Board Position #1

– All positions have a two year term
– Nominations will be accepted up until the February General Meeting on February 24, 2020

To submit nominations CLICK HERE.  Written Nominations can also be made at the January and February General Meetings. At the February meeting, a slate of one or more nominees for each office will be presented.  Nominations from the floor can be made at this time only.

Will Maney, Nominations Chair

Dues Payment

In order to vote in the March election, your dues must be paid by the February 24, 2020 DHNA Meeting.

Payment Options:
Pay in Person – Cash or check payments can be made during the January or February DHNA Meeting.  Make checks payable to Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association
Pay OnlineCLICK HERE to pay online. Please include names of individuals you are paying for and your address.

Per the Bylaws (these are verbatim from the DHNA Bylaws)

  • Resident/Landowner Individual – $10: Any persons over the age of eighteen residing by way of warranty deed or valid lease, within the boundaries of the Dignowity Hill Area, as set out herein, whether as homeowner or tenant limited to two memberships per household.
  • Business – $25: Any person, firm or corporation having a place of business(es) within the boundaries assigned herein; shall be entitled to one vote only.
  • Associate – $25: Any person, business or organization that shows interested in the Dignowity Hill neighborhood, but does not reside in the area, own property, or operate a business in Dignowity Hill may, upon application and payment of dues, become an associate member without voting rights.
  • Non-Profit – $15: Any person, firm or corporation having a non-profit place of business within the boundaries assigned herein; provided however, that such business shall be entitled to one membership and one vote only.

(Dues are based on a fiscal year of 3/1/2020 to 2/28/2021)

Position Descriptions (As per the Bylaws)

  • President shall: A. Be the principal officer of the DHNA; B. Preside at all meetings of the DHNA; C. Appoint standing and special committee chairs with approval of the board, with the exception of the Nominating committee; D. With approval of board, bring to the attention of the DHNA pertinent information of interest to area residents and any interested party, and E. Physically reside within the boundaries of DHNA.
  • Secretary shall: The Secretary shall: A. Record accurate minute proceedings of all meetings of the DHNA and present a signed copy at the next meeting; B. Preserve and file all records and documents of DHNA; C. Send out and receive correspondence of the DHNA; D. Keep a roster of membership, indicating the name, address, paid or un-paid dues, and telephone number of each member, as well as classification of membership; E. Keep on file all committee reports; F. Send a notice of each meeting to membership; G. Work with the president to prepare an agenda prior to each meeting; H. Have ballots in case of a ballot vote. I. Physically reside within the boundaries of DHNA. J. Provide a copy of the approved minutes to the communication Chair for posting to the DHNA website; K. Safeguard personal information of all members.
  • Financial Secretary shall:  A. Receive all incoming monies to include membership dues and donations; B. Provide receipts for all incoming money; C. Turn in all incoming funds to the Treasurer within two business days and receive a written acknowledgement from the Treasurer. D. Provide a written monthly report of all incoming funds that is in agreement with the Treasurer’s report. E. Perform backup services to the treasurer. F. Act as the recording secretary in the absence of the Secretary
  • Board Positon #1:  A. Supervise the affairs of the DHNA; B. Make recommendations for the DHNA’s growth and prosperity; C. Receive and review proposed amendments to bylaws before presentation to the general membership; D. Transact any business meetings of the DHNA and report thereon at the next general meeting of the DHNA

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