Dear DHNA Members, 

The Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association (DHNA) is seeking feedback on proposed revisions to its bylaws from the community. This document has been a long time in the making and touched by many hands, and the process is now at the point of public comment before the document goes up for a vote by the membership. Based on feedback at the last general meeting, the board feels it is best to slow down the process to allow further time for review before a vote in April instead of February.  

Today marks the beginning of a 30 day public comment period during which the board will accept comments and suggestions from all members current on their dues. The review period will end on Friday, March 1, and a 30 day public review period will also be provided before the final vote. Below is a timeline describing how the remainder of the bylaw process will unfold to ensure an open and transparent discussion. 

Please submit all suggested changes in writing to If a neighbor has a suggestion and is not comfortable using email for whatever reason, please help deliver the message for them. 


  • January 31, 2019 – Draft Bylaws released. 30 day public comment period begins.
  • February 22, 2019 – Suggested changes must be submitted to in writing by this day for discussion at the February general meeting.
  • February 25, 2019 – February general membership meeting with open discussion of proposed changes
  • March 1, 201930 Day public comment period ends. 
  • March 11, 2019 – Board meets to finalize bylaw update draft with public comments.
  • March 15, 2019 – Bylaw final draft sent back to public for 30 day review period. No further changes will be made to the document after this time. This second review window is intended to allow everyone to digest the final draft before voting on whether to adopt it, not to make further suggestions or changes.
  • March 18, 2019 – General membership meeting + elections. Elections will be conducted according to the current bylaws, not the proposed bylaws. No discussion of bylaws will take place at this meeting.
  • April 15, 2019 – General membership meeting + vote on bylaws

Nicolas Rivard
DHNA President

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