The Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Plan is a document created by a diverse group of stakeholders that is designed to serve as a guide for neighborhood action and future growth and development of the planning area. Participants include residents, business owners, property owners, and interested community development partners.

The plan’s key role is to communicate the desires of the neighborhood with City Council as well as with City boards, commissions, committees and staff. The plan fulfills this function by virtue of the fact that once it is adopted it becomes a part of the City of San Antonio Comprehensive Master Plan and as such it plays a significant role in guiding the decision-making that staff goes through regarding topics such as rezoning and proposed projects or programs. Since the plan provides a ready made listing of the improvements and steps that the residents of the area want, City staff and other agencies use the plan to prioritize capital improvement projects and the mechanisms used in funding those projects. This allows staff to maintain a sense of what is occurring in the area and to provide services in a more focused, targeted fashion.



Maintain and enhance the neighborhood parks, community centers, and cultural events that promote healthy lifestyles and highlight the historic character of the Dignowity Hill neighborhood

Goal 1: Establish attractive community facilities and increase usage by neighborhood residents and visitorS

Goal 2: Enhance the historic character of the neighborhood

Goal 3: Promote health and wellness and provide opportunities to educate residents about healthy living


Improve the wellbeing of the community by eliminating criminal activity through improved public safety measures to ensure that all community members especially children are able to work and play without fear in a safe environment

Goal 4: Create a safe environment that is inviting to residents and visitors by working as a community with the City to abolish drug trafficking, burglary, prostitution, loitering, and any other crimes

Goal 5: Enhance public safety by participating in beautification efforts

Goal 6: Encourage responsible pet ownership

Goal 7: Stress neighborhood responsibility


Coordinate and integrate development of a mix of neighborhood businesses that serve the immediate residents in the vicinity and establish housing options with diverse age and density that are walkable and secure

Goal 8: Increase homeownership through infill development and housing rehabilitation

Goal 9: Well maintained and diverse housing stock

Goal 10: Preserve the unique historic character of Dignowity Hill

Goal 11: Institute sustainable green building standards and environmental design for homes and businesses

Goal 12: Expand neighborhood businesses that are convenient and safe for residents and visitors to easily access and enjoy

Goal 13: City government that is more responsive to the needs of the neighborhood


Work with partners and neighbors to enhance the aesthetics of the area by improving sidewalks and road infrastructure to create a safe and friendly environment for pedestrians, motorists, and bicyclists

Goal 14: Create safe connections for walking and bicycling between residences, parks, and cultural activities

Goal 15: Create a pedestrian safe and friendly environment

Goal 16: Improve safety and mobility along neighborhood streets and to downtown

Goal 17: Beautify the area to add upon and reflect the character of the area

Goal 18: Ensure streets and sidewalks are free from debris and clutter in order to create a welcoming environment for tourists and neighbors

Goal 19: Reduce flooding in the neighborhood through maintenance of the drainage system


Work toward achieving the goals and objectives that are laid out in the Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Plan

Goal 20: Achieve the plan’s goals and objectives through organizing available resources

Goal 21: Provide outreach to increase the Plan Action Team membership, and to establish partnerships that will aid in implementation

Goal 22: Ensure reliable and timely implementation of the plan by prioritizing objectives and routinely monitoring plan progress


For a comprehensive look at the Neighborhood and Housing Services Department action plans and development for San Antonio, see the City’s official website.

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