Train Quiet Zone

The Lavaca Neighborhood Association recently contacted us in an effort to unite toward finding a solution for the train horns that ring through our neighborhoods every night.

Arvis Holland has volunteered to be the point of contact for this united effort. Arvis is also a member of the Union Pacific Citizens Advisory Board.

Thank you Arvis for taking on this opportunity. If anyone in the community would like to assist Arvis, please shoot an e-mail to the DHNA.

New Dignowity Hill NA Website

For easy navigation, we have created a simple breakdown of what is included on our new Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association (DHNA) website.

There are four main pages to this website:

1. Homepage – This page will be updated with short summaries of info or news that may interest our community. Each summary will link to a more thorough review of the information. It will most likely reflect what is seen in our weekly DHNA newsletter and our DHNA Facebook page.

2. About Us – This will give a history of the Dignowity Hill Neighborhood, as well as inform visitors of the DHNA’s organizational structure, mission, and vision.

3. Community Projects – This page will highlight any ongoing projects that we have occurring in our community. From school volunteer programs to community outreach, you can visit this page to see all the ways to get involved in our ever-growing community.

4. Architectural Review Committee – This page will host info and updates that involve development in the neighborhood. From renovations to restorations to infill development, we’ll track them here to keep our neighborhood aware of what’s going on around them.

On each of these pages, you can look to the right and see a history of all the posts. So, if you feel like you may have missed something, scroll through the archives and catch up.

Our e-mail address is listed at the bottom of each page, feel free to contact us if you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding the DHNA itself, or the new website. Thanks for visiting!